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14.01.2014 14:09

CA is a company that is based around providing the latest and most innovative IT solutions that will maximise the operations of any business platform.  As with many third-party providers, CA Technologies helps manage a product during its entire life cycle.  This includes planning, modeling, assembly and post-production analysis.  the aim is to obviously increase efficiency while adding more robust levels of continual quality assurance for all stakeholders involved.

One of the unique attributes offered by CA Technologies is the fact that all software can either be located on the premises or instead in the cloud.  Thus, this platform is said to be one of the most flexible models that is currently available.  The ultimate result is a reduction in costs while offering a simultaneous increase in infrastructural, network and operational reliability.

Some of the primary areas that CA Technologies focuses upon are mainframe management, automation, infrastructure management, portfolio management and IT security.  As these platforms are also quite scalable, these and other services can be purchased to meet an organisation's existing budgetary guidelines.


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