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Intelligent Site Management
15.01.2014 11:45

azeti's intelligent site management system combines four kinds of intelligent monitoring. The intelligent site management carries out passive, environmental, security and access monitoring. The site needs to get adequate data about the prevailing environmental state. Therefore, a good system will pick out any hazardous gases, water infiltration and unusual changes in temperature. Battery temperature is also affected with environmental changes. Passive monitoring involves voltage states and any battery loading and disconnections. Passive monitoring will also detect any alarm so that it does not have to be monitored by humans. Theft and vandalism will remain a constant threat to the telecoms industry. Security monitoring ensures asset tracking in case of theft and there will be sensors that will send alerts when there is a fuel theft or a malicious contamination of the fuel. Access management is all about ensuring that only the qualified and permitted personnel can enter the remote sites. This works with card access, time stamps and camera surveillance. Read more at


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