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Measure and maximize tower cash flow
24.12.2013 14:38

As it stands, there are many companies that still invest in their own towers so as to provide services that are already available in certain regions. However, the problem with this is that it does not maximize the cash flow that can come out of a certain number of towers. There is a great opportunity for niche companies who are willing to give a differential value when they enter the industry. Immersing themselves in developing markets is a straightforward way to become more relevant because there is a growing number of mobile and data users in developing markets. There can be more cash flows gained when companies and telecoms team up and build global platforms that will penetrate the developing markets while still combining their abilities to solve some complex infrastructural and managerial risks that come with entering new markets. Tower
operators can aggregate resources and make cost effective means of tower monitoring, power and energy efficiency, faster deployment.

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